What Constitutes a “Specialty Case”?

Some marriages require more care and experience when it comes to dissolution. Families with a large amount of assets, or with assets in many different forms, face a deeply complex property division process. Certain clients may possess highly-visible public profiles, such as elected officials or celebrities, and the personal turmoil of family law proceedings may be vulnerable to media attention.

High-asset or high-profile cases often come with very specific concerns that are unique to them. For instance, many affluent couples own multiple businesses or possess assets in countries with different divorce laws. The higher the financial assets, the more complex the divorce process will be. Inexperienced divorce attorneys will not know what questions to ask or what to look for regarding calculating the estate value—what’s worse, inexperienced attorneys will not know how to avoid media attention, neglecting discretion and failing to remain sensitive to the privacy concerns of their clients.

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Our Divorce Attorneys Provide Experienced Service

Neither of these mistakes are concerns for The Harris Law Firm. Our lawyers possess a collective 200 years of experience. While the majority of that experience is in family law, many of our lawyers have had careers handling commercial litigation and complex financial cases. As a result, we can offer comprehensive service for the specific needs of our clients caught in complicated situations.

In addition, our firm is no stranger to specialty cases. We have handled divorce and family law cases for elected officials, professional athletes, musicians, and high-profile executives throughout Colorado. When it comes to handling your divorce case, no level of complexity is out of our depth. Our family law attorneys are highly skilled, professional, and sensitive to the needs of every client going through a divorce.

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