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New Divorce Study by Harvard Ph.D. Shows that More Women Initate the Process


A recent study by a Harvard educated Ph.D. has indicated that 2/3 of the divorces in the US are initiated by women. This research was reported by a nationally representative study by the American Association of Retired People and was based on the study of more than 1,000 divorced men and women, aged 40 to 79.

The most common reasons the women cited for divorce were verbal, emotional and physical neglect. Many of the husbands, however, were completely surprised by their wives discontent. More than 25% of the men said that they were blindsided by their wife's desire to divorce.

The study indicated that many of the men in the study said they tried to be caring and supportive of their wives's needs, but they focused on what they assumed to be their primary role which was that of the provider. They husbands whose wives filed for divorce revealed that they felt tremendous pressure to ensure the family's financial security and to constantly improve their standard of living.

The conclusion of the study showed that 76% of the women and 64% of the men were confident that their decision to divorce was the best possible choice.

Judith Kleinfeld, a long-time columnist for the Daily News-Miner, holds a doctorate from Harvard and is a psychology professor emeritus at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.