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How Do Child Custody Modifications Work?

Child custody modifications are a category of post-decree modifications. Motions to modify custody must be intended to benefit the child primarily, but they need to be justified by demonstrating circumstances changing. Motions to modify custody can include a plea to establish, widen, refute, or limit parental custody. The Harris Law Firm, as Colorado’s largest family law firm, has 250 years of combined experience handling all matters pertaining to child custody, including modifications after an initial agreement is signed.

In a motion to modify child custody, the court’s chief and primary concern is the child’s welfare. To that end, they may assign a Guardian Ad Litem to the child to act as their legal voice. The Guardian Ad Litem may interview the child (or children), as well as the parents and any other relevant parties. The court will rule in favor based on criteria pertaining to the child’s interests, including:

  • Nutritional needs
  • Physical/educational needs, including shelter
  • Emotional well-being, including the local community

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The Harris Law Firm can help craft child custody agreements that are wholly devoted to the well-being of the child and the family unit. Our legal team includes award-winning Guardian Ad Litems, who are experienced at understanding the needs of children and the requirements of Colorado courts.

Because our focus is on the welfare of children in a modification hearing, our goals often align with the courts, allowing us to provide effective, powerful solutions for families. We ask the right questions in order to ensure children are the prime focus of any child custody agreement. If you have any question about child custody modification, contact our firm so we can answer your question at no cost to you.

If you need to protect your children by changing your custody agreement, our attorneys can aggressively defend their rights. Call The Harris Law Firm at (303) 622-5502 today.

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