Colorado Divorce and Pet Custody: Who Gets Fifi?

When couples divorce, deciding what to do with the family pet can often feel more like determining parental rights than simply dividing a marital asset. In our hearts and minds, pets are not possessions, but beloved companions and important members of our family. However, per Colorado law, the family pet is considered to be martial property, and as an asset, it is subject to division in much the same way as the couple’s dining room furniture.

When couples with pets cannot agree on who gets to keep the pet, or how to divide their time with the pet, it is important to consult with a Colorado family law attorney to discuss possible options. Rather than litigating the issue, which can be time consuming and expensive, it is also possible to employ an alternative method of dispute such as mediation.

A skilled mediator may be able to assist the couple by creating an agreement that takes into account the needs of both parties, their children, and the needs of the family pet. Colorado agreements for the parties to share their pets are not uncommon. But it is always best to make these very emotional decisions together, and consider everyone’s best interests, rather than having the courts make the decision for you.

Kate Brewer, a highly skilled Colorado family law attorney at The Harris Law Firm, has a large family of pets of her own, and pet custody is a legal issue that is dear to her heart. To arrange for a consultation with Ms. Brewer to discuss your divorce and your options regarding Pet Custody, call The Harris Law Firm at ­­­­(303) 622-5502.

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