Antonio Anduaga to Take Colorado Bar Exam Before Joining The Harris Law Firm

We are excited to announce that Antonio Anduaga, a Senior Law Clerk at the firm, will be taking the Colorado Bar Exam in February of this year. When he passes, he will join The Harris Law Firm’s Denver office in May. Antonio is already a licensed attorney in Peru. We are looking forward to having Antonio join our team to help us better reach out to Denver’s Hispanic community and offer his insight and expertise towards matters regarding divorce and custody.

“I am truly delighted to be part of a great team at The Harris Family Law Firm,” said Antonio. “What makes this experience even more exciting is that I am able to help the Firm to connect with the Hispanic community in Denver, as part of expanding our goals to better serve every person who needs our services. We are thrilled to be creating new relationships with organizations like the Global Chamber, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Hispanic Bar Association. When one has the opportunity to add the construction of bridges among human beings from different backgrounds and cultures, to one’s legal work, then you know you are doing something truly meaningful in your career. I thank The Harris Law Firm for this opportunity.”

Attorney Antonio Anduaga

Antonio Anduaga

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