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Celebrating 30 Years of Service to Families Across Colorado

John Tatlock is New Chair of the Education Task Force of the Colorado Lawyers Committee


John TatlockBy Rich Harris, President

The Harris Law Firm is proud to announce that John H. Tatlock, Special Counsel to The Harris Law Firm, is the new Chair of the Education Task Force of the Colorado Lawyers Committee.

The Education Task Force of the Colorado Lawyers Committee is a working group of the Lawyers Committee. Over the past decade, they have spearheaded litigation relating to public funding of K-12 education, initiating, and managing three leading cases on school financing challenges that were eventually decided by the Colorado Supreme Court.

As part of its overall mission to assist and represent underserved and unrepresented segments of the Colorado citizenry on legal and public policy issues of systemic importance, the Lawyers Committee generally, and the Education Task Force specifically, undertake broad-gauged, member-driven activities. They also undertake litigation addressing the critical education issues confronting the state, including an examination of Denver Public Schools’ restructuring, consolidation, and closures of schools within the district, and the effect of those changes on student access to quality education opportunities throughout the district.

John Tatlock and the volunteers within the committee closely monitor developments within state budget to assure adequate funding for Colorado’s schools.They are dedicated to improve educational opportunities for children throughout the State of Colorado and their primary mission is to focus on legal solutions to issues within the system that will improve the quality of education for the kids who are Colorado’s future.

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