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4 Risks Social Media Can Pose to Your Chances at Custody

The Harris Law Firm

Using social media has become natural for many individuals in our society. Whether we accomplish a great task or lose someone dear to us, it inevitably appears on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While these sites may be a helpful tool to stay connected to friends and family we have lost touch with, it can also be dangerous when one is going through a divorce. If you are seeking custody for your child, using social media can pose an even greater risk. Here are ways in which it can hurt your claim for child custody.

1. Can Be Used as Evidence

While we may have heard the term “anything you say can and will be used against you,” the same applies to what you post on social media. If you went out with your friends to let off some steam or have started dating someone new, your ex can use these posts in court to show the judge that you may not be fit as a good parent. Especially be careful when posting images.

2. Can Taint Perception of You

Many times, what we write on social media can be taken out of context. What might seem funny to you may be taken as offensive by someone else. If people know you are going through a divorce, they may be more likely to analyze your posts. This can taint how others and the court look at you.

3. Your “Friends” May Report Conduct

Though you and your ex may no longer be “friends” on social media, you may have other mutual relations. These individuals may report your behavior to your ex. If that’s the case, your ex can use information gathered online during court proceedings to win full custody.

4. Jeopardize Relationship with Kids

Be careful of what you write on social media because your kids may be reading. It seems inevitable for children to use online social sites. If you talk negatively about the other parent or voice your own anger and frustration, it may affect the relationship you have with your kids, ultimately jeopardizing your claims to custody.

At The Harris Law Firm, we understand how trying a divorce can be. While it might be tempting to vent on social media and gain alternative perspectives, it is unwise to do so. If you are seeking custody of your child during your divorce, contact our Colorado divorce attorneys today. We offer comprehensive consultations to come up with the best plan for you.

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