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Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi Wins Alimony Case


An Italian court ruled on Thursday, November 16 that former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi no longer needs to pay his ex-wife 1.4 million euros ($1.7 million) per month.

The Milan appeals court ruled that Berlusconi was treated unfairly in the initial divorce settlement. It also ruled that Veronica Lario, his ex-wife, needed to pay Berlusconi an estimated 60 million euros, stating that she had no right to the alimony payments.

This decision follows the landmark ruling made by the top appeals court in Italy that said divorce settlements do not need to guarantee the previous standard of living for the ex-spouse – rather, they must simply remain financially independent.

Berlusconi, the seventh richest man in Italy worth an estimated seven billion euros, was married to Lario for more than 22 years before they split in 2009, and formally divorced in 2014.

Lario was initially awarded three million dollars per month in alimony, which was cut to 1.4 million. In deciding to end and repay the alimony payments, the Milan judges considered the Supreme Court ruling and the fact that Lario has cash deposits of approximately 16 million euros, a real estate business, and jewels and decided that she did not need additional monthly income.

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