Celebrating Halloween with the Harris Family!

The Harris Family Halloween is a sight to be seen with nine kids making for one exciting night!

Our family loves tradition for sure, and Halloween is filled with tradition. For starters, we live in a great neighborhood where all of the neighborhood kids join to build a Haunted House together. This is a super fun event for all that lasts for a whole month before the holiday. Who doesn’t love a haunted house?

Every year, our kids also pick out a couple of spooky Halloween songs to prepare on the piano, because what’s more in-season than a haunted piano song?

We like to alternate our costume ideas for the kids too. Every other year, they get to pick out and buy a new costume to wear. The other years, they come up with their own costume idea to make and put together. We’ve had candy packages (complete with a toothbrush for Dad), a Revolutionary War crew, the movie Frozen, and the Wizard of Oz!

Every year, we start off the evening with split pea soup and corn bread before heading out to say hi to all of our neighbors for a night of trick or treating. It’s a fun-filled day that we can’t wait to celebrate every year!

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