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Celebrating 30 Years of Service to Families Across Colorado

The Harris Law Firm Invests in Technology Infrastructure Overhaul to Benefit Divorce & Family Law Clients


Since The Harris Law Firm was founded in 1993, our legal team has been dedicated to improving our clients’ experiences. From assembling a team of talented and award-winning family law attorneys equipped with over 250 years of collective experience to leveraging extensive resources, invaluable connections with industry experts, and the latest technologies, our commitment to high quality service has made us one of the most trusted divorce and family law firms in Colorado.

Now, we’re pleased to announce a recent overhaul of our technology infrastructure as our latest effort to continually build upon the quality of our service!

How Our New Technology Benefits Clients

Our firm has always been a local leader in adopting technological advancements and resources that enhance our ability to provide cost-effective, efficient, and comprehensive representation. Though our system has delivered proven results throughout our 25+ years, we value the importance of evaluating and embracing new innovations that build upon what we’ve created, and provide even more benefits to the individuals and families we serve.

Our considerable infrastructure investment is all about harnessing the power of new technologies. As profiled in a special spotlight article from LEX Tech Review, we created a customized collection of systems designed to enhance the quality of our services. These include:

  • A customizable cloud-based case management and accounting system that allows for streamlined efficiency and cost savings for clients.
  • An integrated document management system that serves as a secure resource for immediate accessibility, improved organization, and more efficient services, and which allows our attorneys to access an extensive supply of case law.
  • A comprehensive case calendar system that harmonizes the multitude of important deadlines, court dates, and other case events handled by our team to ensure punctuality and collaboration.
  • Family law-specific software that bolsters our attorneys to organize and handle challenging aspects of divorce and family law cases, including complex calculations involving numerous variables and data points.

Creating and customizing this infrastructure is an achievement unto its own, but creation alone does not guarantee results. In order to maximize the capabilities of our new technologies, we also created a series of instructional videos, educational resources, and networks of support for our attorneys and staff, and have internal policies and procedures in place to ensure needed customizations and updates are made on an ongoing basis. We’ve also incorporated education about our technology into conversations we have with potential and current clients, and provide a brochure on why technology matters to ensure they understand how our system can benefit their unique cases.

You can learn more about our firm’s new tech infrastructure, our journey in developing it, and how it benefits our clients by reading the full spotlight article here.

A Competitive Advantage: The Culture of Caring.

Our entire team at The Harris Law Firm cares about our clients, and knows the support and representation we provide can be invaluable as they navigate difficult personal experiences, complex legal matters, and high stakes proceedings that can have a tremendous impact on their futures. Because we’ve cultivated a culture of caring, undertaking major projects improve our systems and service is something we embrace, not fear – and it’s a major reason why we’re consistently recognized for the level of quality and efficiency we deliver.

If you have questions about our firm and the services we provide – or if you wish to speak personally with a member of our team about your potential divorce or family law matter – we invite you to call (303) 622-5502 or contact us online. The Harris Law Firm services clients across the state of Colorado.

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