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Tips on Modifying Child Support


Child support is established when two parents decide to separate and one parent is left with primary custody of the child. In Colorado, all parents are obligated by law to provide for their child, regardless of if they have primary custody or not. The court looks at the income of each parent in order to calculate how much support a parent will have to pay. However, circumstances change. If either parent experiences a change in their income or lifestyle, the initial child support agreement can be modified.

Act Promptly and Swiftly

If you lose your job, have a change of income, or experience other circumstances that will make it difficult for you to pay child support, act quickly. File the necessary paperwork to obtain a modification and alert the appropriate individuals, i.e. your ex and the court. You will be held responsible for paying the support that is owed prior to the modification. That is why it is important that you don’t wait.

File the Appropriate Paperwork in the Proper Court

In general, you should file your request for child support modification in the same court where you first obtained it. You should be sure to file the appropriate information and note that the papers you give to the court must also be served to the other parent.

Talk to the Other Parent

Reach out to the other parent to see if they would be willing to change the child support agreement. If both parties can come up with a solution together, it would save time and money on legal fees. Mediation can also be an alternative option to help you and your spouse come to an agreement.

Maintain Child Support Payments the Best You Can

Continue to pay the support that was required of you in the initial agreement to the best of your abilities. Not trying will look bad to the court. You are also responsible for child support payments before the support was modified.

Have Proof of Your Change in Circumstances

Whether you lost your job, have suffered a medical disability, or have had a change in income, it is important that you document this change. You will need to be able to prove to the court that this change happened and why it affects your ability to pay the child support.

Keep Yourself Informed

Look up the rules and regulations required by the state of Colorado when it comes to child support modification. Know what is required of you. If you do decide to seek legal action, contact the experienced Colorado child support lawyers at The Harris Law Firm. We can help review your case and inform you of your legal rights. Call us today.

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