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The Harris Law Firm Supports the Foothills Animal Shelter


The lawyers and legal professionals at The Harris Law Firm’s Evergreen Office volunteered their time this month to help prepare sheltered dogs and cats at the Foothills Animal Shelter for adoption. Attorneys Jennie Wray, Carrie Eckstein, Kelly Lynch, and paralegals Jennifer Irwin and Maureen McAllister are all ardent pet lovers who have adopted sheltered pets of their own. Last week, this group of compassionate women spent a morning working along trained volunteers at Foothills Animal Shelter (FAS) exercising the pets, cleaning the viewing areas, compiling adoptive materials, and performing a variety of tasks to assist the facility with adoption day! Everyone in the Evergreen Office at The Harris Law Firm enjoyed working with the FAS staff and volunteers, and meeting the animals who will hopefully soon become someone’s devoted companion.

About the Foothills Animal Shelter

Foothills Animal Shelter, located in Golden, Colorado is a well-operated and maintained organization that provides animal services to the Jefferson County community. The staff and volunteers of the shelter care for thousands of orphaned animals each year in their 33,000 square foot facility. The shelter also offers services that include pet licensing, animal education, spay and neutering, vaccinations, micro-chipping, and lost and found pets. Recently, a group of generous donors helped fund x-ray machines to use at the facility for quick and convenient x-rays. The donated equipment has eliminated the need to transport frightened and injured animals to nearby veterinary clinics.

Maureen, Carrie, Jennifer and Tobin with

Maureen, Carrie, Jennifer and Tobin with “Toby” the dog.

The Foothills Animal Shelter Pet Parade

FAS is a hosting a Pet Parade and fair on September 17th to raise funds for the shelter. The lawyers and paralegals at The Harris Law Firm’s Evergreen office are planning to bring their pets and participate in the parade. Attorney Jennie Wray, a partner at the firm, is considering dressing her two Newfoundland dogs as Darth Vader and Chewie! Read more about this upcoming event and the Foothills Animal Shelter on their website.

About the Harris Law Firm

Established in 1993, The Harris Law Firm is Colorado’s largest family law firm with Colorado offices in Evergreen, Englewood, Denver, and Fort Collins. The firm now employs a team of 19 skilled attorneys. In addition to divorce and child custody and support issues in Colorado, The Harris Law Firm also handles issues regarding maintenance, paternity, grandparents’ rights, step-parent adoptions, and issues regarding pet custody.

Individuals who have contested issues concerning pet custody should call the firm at (303) 622-5502 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation to discuss this issue. The attorneys at The Harris Law Firm will help you to understand how Colorado law applies to these matters, and work with you to find resolution.

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