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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Tumultuous Divorce


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have recently gone through a very public divorce. It is very public for several reasons: both actors are well-known movie stars, they have been married a little over a year, Johnny Depp is approximately 23 years older than Amber Heard, and there have been claims of domestic violence and hefty settlement agreements.

Specifically, after Amber Heard filed for divorce, she requested and received a Temporary Protection Order against Johnny Depp. In order to obtain a Temporary Protection Order, the Court must find that an imminent danger exists to the person seeking protection. Notably, it is not usually difficult to obtain a Temporary Protection Order against a spouse during dissolution of marriage. It is however difficult to obtain a Permanent Protection Order.

It is more difficult to obtain a Permanent Protection Order because the protected spouse must prove that the other spouse will continue to commit acts designed to intimidate or retaliate against the protected spouse unless restrained. Despite the high standard, Johnny Depp ultimately made a settlement offer of $7 million to Amber Heard and she accepted. Amber Heard subsequently announced she would award the entire amount to charity.

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