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Celebrating 30 Years of Service to Families Across Colorado

The Harris Law Firm is Now a Best for Colorado Company


The Harris Law Firm is pleased to announce that we’ve become a Best for Colorado company! The official designation recognizes our firm’s commitment to our local communities and a sustainable Colorado driven by corporate and social responsibility.

A program operated by The Alliance Center, Best for Colorado is intended to support businesses as they improve worker, community, and sustainability practices, and enhance their overall social and environmental impact.

In order to earn this distinction, our firm took the Best for Colorado Challenge, an assessment used to measure a company’s impact on their employees, the communities they serve, and the environment.

The assessment allows businesses to see where they stack up with others, identify areas of improvement and growth within their business practices, and gain access to program resources that aid them in broadening how their businesses can be used for good.

The Alliance Center and Best for Colorado are indicative of a trend toward truly better businesses. Though it’s a program intended to help all businesses regardless of their future goals, it’s partnership with B Lab, the nonprofit behind the B Corp movement, sets businesses on the path to becoming leaders in a global movement that balances profit and purpose.

Learn more about our Best for Colorado status on this press release.

The Harris Law Firm: We’re Here for You

Our entire team is proud to have become a Best for Colorado company, and looks forward to the doors it opens for new resources and partnerships which align with our mission to support the communities we serve. We also have our eyes set on becoming a certified B Corp, and doing our part to build a more inclusive, sustainable Colorado.

If you have questions about our firm, our community service, or a potential divorce or family law case with which you need legal assistance, call (303) 622-5502 to speak with an attorney.

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