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Attorney Jennie Wray Appears on Denver7 to Discuss Parental Rights

Jennie Wray

Our very own Jennie Wray, Partner at The Harris Law Firm, was recently featured by Denver7 to share her insight as a Colorado Family Lawyer.

The segment profiles the story of a 3-year-old Florida boy diagnosed with cancer whose parents declined to have him undergo chemotherapy. Though the parents state they wanted their child to be happy and to obtain better treatment than they were receiving, child protective regulators did not agree with, and obtained a court order to take the child away from his parents for what they deemed “neglect.”

The family’s story has stirred up considerable debate, as well as a legal and ethical minefield filled with many questions. To answer some of those for Colorado residents, Denver7 called on Jennie Wray, who reiterated that family courts prioritize the best interests of a child, and explained laws related to parental rights and parents’ abilities to make decisions of a child’s medical care. As they are with this Florida family, those decisions can still sometimes be up for interpretation.

“It's very subjective and it depends on state to state and judge to judge,” said Wray, who goes on to discuss exemptions of medical care based on religious beliefs, how family judges strike balance in difficult cases like these, and the slippery slope of complexities that can accompany family law.

Watch Jennie’s appearance on Denver7 here.

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Jennie R. Wray is a Partner at The Harris Law Firm and an accomplished Colorado divorce and family law attorney. Named to the Colorado Super Lawyers list of Rising Stars for seven consecutive years, Jennie has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to her clients, and a passion for guiding them through difficult legal journeys. She is an active volunteer advocate for children with organizations like the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center, and has become a trusted resource for legal insight by news media, professional seminars, and various publications.

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