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Texas Man Divorces Wife Without Her Knowledge


A citizen of Harris County, Texas is wanted by authorities for divorcing his wife using forged documents. To hide the divorce from his spouse, the 51-year-old man “filed for divorce and completed the entire proceedings without her knowledge or consent.”

The man’s wife told investigators that she was “very surprised” after discovering that the court had completed all hearings and filed the final divorce decree without her. Her husband achieved this feat by submitting “several forged documents and false information” to a district court. Additionally, the man forged his wife’s notarized signature on a waiver of service.

The man’s wife discovered her divorce after confronting him about money spent on jewelry. From there, the man informed his wife that they were already divorced.

Upon discovering the fraudulent divorce, authorities vacated the divorce decree. The man and his spouse are still legally married, but he is wanted for aggravated perjury.

Divorce is legal in Texas, but both spouses must be involved in the process.

Attorney Rich Harris commented on the case:

In this practice, you can never say you’ve seen everything, for sure, but this is a new one. Any fraud in a court filing is an affront to our entire legal system. But, what this man is alleged to have done seems especially cruel.”

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