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Divorce Rates Spike in China Amid Coronavirus Quarantines


If “loneliness makes the heart grow fonder,” is the opposite true?

A sad fallout of the coronavirus outbreak in China is apparently a spike in that nation’s divorce rate. According to an article published by Fox Business, couples quarantined at home for weeks at a time have experienced conflicts that are pushing them to the relationship breaking point.

Fortunately, we have not yet seen a similar impact in the US. But, it’s also true that we are arguably only on the front edge of this crisis here. Could American couples face this, too?

Fortunately, in the State of Colorado as well as most states in the US, our laws require a mandatory waiting, or “cooling off”, period between the time of the filing for dissolution of marriage, and the earliest that a judge can issue a decree to end the marriage. In Colorado, this waiting period is 90 days. The law is intended to prevent exactly the kinds of impulsive, emotional filings that are likely resulting in many of the Chinese divorces.

So, hopefully, we don’t have to add this to our growing list of worries around the virus.

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