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Help! Where Can I Find Help & Guidance When Representing Myself in Divorce?


As the number of pro se individuals (people representing themselves in court) increases, so do the resources available to assist them. An abundance of materials and services can be found on the internet, in the courts, and through alternative methods of assistance with attorneys.

Colorado provides nearly all the forms you might need in your family law case on the Colorado Court webpage. Also included on this webpage are instructions that explain how to accomplish tasks such as filing for divorce, requesting a modification of child support, or enforcing a support judgment. This website will be undergoing changes in the near future to make it even more user-friendly.

Each judicial district in Colorado has at least one Self-Help Litigant Coordinator (“SHERLOCK”) available to assist pro se litigants for free! Although these Self-Help Litigant Coordinators are not able to provide legal advice, they can help you complete the forms, explain the court’s processes, and direct you to other available legal resources in your area.

Additionally, throughout Colorado there are a multitude of clinics available on a variety of topics. In the Denver Metro area, there are clinics that specifically provide assistance in obtaining protection orders, filing for a divorce, requesting custody or parenting time of a child or child support, as well as post-decree (modifications of prior orders), as some examples. In addition to clinics, there are many non-profit organizations that host monthly / periodic events where you can arrange a time to have a free consultation with an attorney. Some of these services are designed to help only income-qualified individuals. Find out more about these free services here.

Unbundled Legal Services & As-Needed Legal Support

If you are looking for individual or on-going services, but can’t afford or don’t want to pay a large retainer fee to hire an attorney, there are some attorneys and law firms able to provide limited representation to assist you. This legal assistance is designed to be less expensive than when you retain an attorney to fully represent you in your family law matter.

Attorneys are now allowed to help you with a single aspect of your case or can coach you through your entire case while you represent yourself. This type of representation is referred to as “unbundled legal services.” With this, you would be in control as to how much you want to spend and how much help you need/want. Attorneys can do a specific task at a flat rate, like drafting a motion for you. Additionally, attorneys can assist you by providing assistance on an as-needed basis. Often the attorney will charge a reduced hourly rate for their services. As mentioned, you will be in charge of requesting their assistance only when you need or can afford them. Some attorneys will even provide this kind of service through a subscription model. The subscription model is where you pay a monthly rate that will allow you to have access to an attorney when needed.

At The Harris Law Firm, we can assist you if you are representing yourself in your family law matter. Our LawYourWay program is designed to allow you to obtain the assistance you may need or desire. Through this program an attorney will be available to explain the legal and court processes, help to properly complete forms, draft documents for you, and otherwise help you through your family law case.

Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in handling all aspects of divorce and family law matters; therefore, we can assist and guide you through any question or issue you may request. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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