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Sangeetha Mallavarapu Completes Mediation Training Program


The Harris Law Firm is pleased to announce that Attorney Sangeetha Mallavarapu has received her mediation training Certificate of Completion!

Sangeetha completed her 40 hours of hands-on training with the Mares-Dixon mediation program.

Becoming a trained mediator is a significant achievement that will allow Sangeetha to provide meaningful options to clients as they navigate divorce and family law proceedings, and better assist those seeking the cost-efficiency and benefits of resolving disputes outside of the courtroom.

Mediation in Divorce & Family Law

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows parties to discuss and negotiate issues in a divorce or family law case with a neutral third party.

By providing a different path to resolution that does not rely on courts to make important decisions, mediation offers a way for parties to circumvent many of the time-consuming and costly consequences of litigation. When parties choose to resolve their issues through mediation, they work with a person called a “mediator.”

Under the Colorado Dispute Resolution Act (CDRA), a mediator is a trained professional who “assists disputants to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of their disputes by identifying and evaluating alternatives” (§ 13-22-302). For a divorce case, this can include reaching mutual agreements on child custody and parenting time, alimony, and property division, among other issues.

In Colorado, it is standard practice for mediators to attend 40-hour mediation programs that include training in the theory and practice of mediation. Trained mediators have the necessary skills and insight to assist parties unfamiliar with the law and facilitate efficient conflict resolution.

When compared to litigation, working with a trained mediator can be:

  • Less expensive than litigation and more efficient in the use of time.
  • More flexible in scheduling than courts, allowing family to resolve problems faster.
  • Less formal than litigation and more hospitable to open communication and brainstorming.
  • Less stressful for all parties involved and often easier on children.

The Harris Law Firm congratulates Attorney Sangeetha Mallavarapu on becoming a trained mediator! Along with a background in psychology and employment law, we know it will only strengthen her ability to help clients find effective solutions to difficult and deeply personal problems.

If you have questions about mediation and your options for resolving a divorce or family law matter in Colorado, contact us for an initial consultation.

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