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Family Law Mediation


If you are involved in a divorce proceeding, you have several different options to help you reach a resolution: trial, settlement conferences, and mediation, to name a few. Lawyers tend to favor mediation whenever possible as it allows both parties significant input into the resolution of their case, is more cost-effective, and often produces a mutually satisfactory resolution.

What is Family Law Mediation?

Mediation involves both parties meeting with a neutral third-party mediator whose job is to facilitate discussion to reach an agreement. This meeting is done in a private, relaxed environment rather than a courtroom, and the neutral third-party mediator keeps the conversation moving constructively.

Mediation can be used to reach an agreement on all aspects of your divorce, such as child custody and parenting time, property distribution, alimony, and the broad terms of your divorce itself. The goal of mediation is to allow you to make these decisions in a guided, collaborative environment, rather than going to court to do so.

When is Mediation a Good Option?

Most experienced family law attorneys will recommend mediation over court proceedings if the circumstances allow. Mediation provides a more relaxed environment to allow parties to make critical decisions that will shape their family’s future. Moreover, it allows folks the opportunity to present their side more fully. This typically results in greater emotional satisfaction for both parties in addition to a more complete settlement. Best of all, the process of mediation tends to be less stressful overall.

Moreover, mediation tends to promote resolutions both parties are happy with, which is not always the case in court. When divorce decisions are made in the courtroom, the judge has the final say but rarely has the opportunity to learn the entire background of the couple’s situation, including critical issues involving the parties’ children. And, even if you cannot resolve all of the issues in your case, it is important to note that choosing mediation does not mean you give up your right to litigate in a courtroom for any matters you cannot agree on during mediation.

Mediation is usually more cost-effective than going through the court system. Litigation often requires the expenses of numerous appearances, meetings, and calls with attorneys, experts, paperwork, and, if necessary, the significant costs that come with presenting your case in the crowded court system with a trial.

Finally, mediation is significantly less stressful for the parties involved. The more relaxed and confidential environment of mediation allows the parties to converse more openly and productively together. Mediation also often leads to faster results than court, allowing both parties to move forward with their lives.

Where to Get More Information

If you would like to discuss the option of mediation with a family law attorney or learn more about our qualified mediators, please feel free to get in touch with our office. Our attorneys are experienced, competent and want to help your peace of mind by finding the best option for your unique situation. Our mediators can help you reach the most optimal resolution for both parties.

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