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What Visitation Rights Do Grandparents Have in Colorado?


Colorado law allows grandparents and great-grandparents to go through the court to secure the chance to see their grandchildren when necessary. However, Colorado only allows cases to be brought to court when the child’s family has been involved in a child custody case, divorce, legal separation, custody has been granted to someone other than the child’s parents, the child’s parent died, or a case concerning the allocation of parental responsibilities (APR) has been filed for that child.

If the grandchild is in one of the situations above, the grandparent can file a Petition for Grandparent Visitation, or they can file as an intervener in the existing case. The parties involved in the case may respond and oppose the visitation.

Generally, it is better to work out visits with grandchildren with the parents or guardians who have custody. The relationship with the grandchildren is less stressful and can focus on fun and building intergenerational relationships if the visits are arranged without court involvement.

If the grandparents cannot arrange visits, their only recourse may be to file a legal action and ask the court to order time with grandchildren. Forms to file a case are available on Attorneys can provide representation or advice about the use of the forms. The Harris Law Firm has a LawYourWay℠ where parties can discuss their situation and seek solutions.

The Alienated Grandparents Anonymous organization encourages grandparents to improve their relationship with their children in order to increase their chances of seeing their grandchildren. Their website also provides articles and letters from grandparents who are seeking time with their grandchildren.

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