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Is Creating an Estate Plan Expensive? Can't I Do This Online Much Cheaper?


You’ve heard the adage that you get what you pay for? It’s somewhat true in the legal field as well.

Some folks will work their entire lives to save and accumulate assets / holdings but spend an hour or two and $119 on an online Will that may or may not meet their needs and goals. Maybe that is not a bad plan if you are just in need of naming a guardian for your minor child or want to make sure that your youngest gets the china and the oldest receives your grandmother’s clock. No need for complex and planned estate documents in those cases, for sure.

But a word of caution: While there are several do-it-yourself options available on the internet or at your local library, completing these documents without the advice of an experienced attorney could leave your loved ones in a sticky situation if something should go wrong.

  • First, an estate plan is more than just one document. To make sure that you and your loved ones are protected no matter what circumstances come your way, several documents may be needed, and they all need to sync together and not contradict each other.
  • Second, if you get something off the internet, there is no guarantee that the document will conform to all the specific rules of the state you lived in or best-practices from those who really understand those laws.
  • Third, the document you prepare may not address all the possible situations that occur or change in your life, nor is it likely to consider your specific family situation or goals. All these forms are basic and are meant to address the most common scenarios.
  • Lastly, creating an estate plan yourself could lead to mistakes in the execution of the documents. Even if your documents explain everything perfectly, if they are not executed (that is, signed, witnessed, and notarized) correctly, your loved ones will have additional hurdles to overcome in trying to carry out your wishes, which will cost them money. So even though you may be saving money today, your loved ones could end up spending more (in both money, time, and stress) when wrapping up your affairs if you utilize some of these cheaper alternatives.

At The Harris Law Firm, our plans are tailored to your needs and the goals that you have set. Our fees reflect the work, thought and time necessary to create a plan especially for you. An estate plan does not need to be complex, expensive, or difficult to understand; it should fit you, your family, and your circumstances. We listen and spend time with you before we even begin to draft your estate documents. So, do you want a legal document . . . or do you want a trusted firm who will represent YOU?

Our estate planning team is available to discuss our services and how we may be of assistance in creating a plan that’s right for you during a consultation. Call (303) 622-5502 or contact us online to speak with a lawyer.

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