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Why You Need... and Deserve... an Estate Plan


Life can be a paradox. Many of us tend to downplay our life’s accomplishments and sacrifices. We consider our lives well-lived, but not necessarily extraordinary.

And yet we have worked hard during our careers (or are still working hard!) to build up retirement savings and other savings accounts. Perhaps you’ve bought a house and you’ve paid, or are paying, off your mortgage and built equity. Maybe we’ve raised children and provided for them to have a good life, including education and more. So truly, our lives have been quite successful and rather exceptional when we consider all our accomplishments in sum.

Reflect on those achievements and congratulate yourself for working hard and being responsible over the years. But don’t stop there! Good planning got you to this place and it requires continuity, diligence and management. Make sure your good work is sustained for you and your family by creating a plan that lets you be in charge of how your life’s earned wealth is managed, controlled and distributed.

Without a written plan, there is great risk of allowing others, including the laws of the State of Colorado, to make relevant decisions on your behalf. Estate plans are not just about creating a Will or a Trust to say how you want your belongings distributed. Estate plans allow you to choose how you make health care and incapacity decisions, how you want to pass along your values, as well as your hopes for future generations. Let us help you explore these considerations; we’ll work together with you to help bring peace of mind to your life and to your family. Don’t you deserve that?

The Harris Law Firm offers comprehensive estate planning services to clients across Colorado. If you have questions about creating or updating an estate plan with the help of our experienced team, call (303) 622-5502 or contact us online to request a consultation.

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