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Celebrating 30 Years of Service to Families Across Colorado

The Harris Law Firm Now Offers Estate Planning Services!


The Harris Law Firm has grown into one of Colorado’s largest family law firms because we care about our clients and put their needs and interests first.

Now, after more than 25 years since our firm was first founded, we’re pleased to announce that we are expanding our practice to offer comprehensive estate planning services to clients who want to plan for their futures, create an enduring legacy, and pass along their dreams to their loved ones!

Estate Planning Services: A Client-Focused Experience

Clients who come to The Harris Law Firm for estate planning services can expect client-focused counsel and support from experienced attorneys.

Whether you need to update an existing estate plan or create a new one, our team will provide a thorough and thoughtful review of your estate planning needs and goals. We can help you create a complete and understandable plan that ensures your future is secure and predictable, takes care of your family’s unique needs, and distributes your estate in the way you want.

Our estate planning services are intended to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with having thoroughly prepared for what lies ahead in life.

The Process: Creating a Complete Plan for Your Future

Our estate planning clients receive caring and compassionate guidance throughout their estate planning journey, which begins with the first meeting.

What’s Involved in Your First Meeting?

Our first meeting will be a listening meeting that allows our team to fully understand your needs and goals. We’ll talk about planning and design options and decide what estate plan features make the most sense for your situation.

At the Initial Design / Listening Meeting, you’ll have a great opportunity to discuss your family, your concerns, and any questions you have. This meeting will help our team better know how to tailor your plan to fit your family’s needs, provide solution-based legal advice, and create a plan that is clear and easy for you to understand.  

What Are the Next Steps?

Following your Initial Meeting, you will be given a little “homework” to complete. This is essentially an Estate Planning Checklist that will require you to inventory your assets, property, and retirement accounts, and provide other necessary information to draft an effective and responsive estate plan.

What Do I Need to Bring with Me?

You will need to complete the Estate Planning Checklist and submit it electronically to us as soon as possible after the Initial Design / Listening Meeting.

If there are any documents related to legal circumstances that could affect your estate plan, we will need to have copies. For example, this may include:

  • Existing Deeds for property ownership that involve joint ownership.
  • Marital Dissolution Decrees.
  • Business Plan documentation that could affect how your business ownership is held and whether it is transferrable.

Our team will need to see any related documents that impact your ownership of assets or impact the transferability of jointly held assets. We’ll discuss at your Initial Meeting all the potential information that is required to complete a solid and comprehensive estate plan based on your circumstances.

How Will Cost of Services be Determined?

The type of estate plan needed, and sometimes the complexity and size of a client’s estate, will dictate the cost of services.

If you need a simple will and ancillary documents such as Medical Directives and Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney, we can typically quote a flat-rate fee. For a Trust-Based Estate Plan, the quote will depend on the number of trusts to be created (Joint trust for a married couple, or separate trusts for a married couple), and the complexity of your estate assets. If you would like us to prepare transfer documents to fund the trust or prepare more complex trust documentation such as a Special Needs or Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, we will charge an hourly rate.

How Long Will the Process Take?

We will take into account your desired time frame and work to prepare documents to meet your needs, such as upcoming travel you may have planned.

Ideally, we would like at least 2 weeks at minimum and 3-6 weeks generally to complete everything from First Meeting to Signing Meeting. If there is an immediate need for an estate plan (for example, if you have travel plans, etc.), our fee might be increased, depending upon the urgency of the matter, our availability, and your specific needs.

We want you to feel comfortable with the plan created, make any changes you feel necessary, and consider each element of the plan before we create the Final Estate Plan for your execution, which takes place during the Signing Meeting that can be done remotely via DocuSign and Zoom. In fact, all meetings can be accomplished via Zoom if you are comfortable with the technology and have the capacity to receive secure emails and attachments.

What Will I Get From the Process?

Upon the completion of our meetings, you will receive a fully understandable Estate Plan with additional, ancillary documentation such as Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney, Certificate of Trust, and more depending on your estate planning requirements.

Our estate planning team is readily available to further discuss our services, your situation, and how we may be of assistance. To speak with an attorney, call (303) 622-5502 or contact us online.

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