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Rich Harris Featured on Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby's 'Growing Self' Podcast


The Harris Law Firm Managing Partner, Rich Harris, was recently featured as a Guest Speaker on Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby’s “Growing Self” podcast, where he shared his insight on divorce and how spouses can start the process off on the right foot.

The podcast episode, “How to Stop a Divorce and Save Your Marriage,” focuses on ways people can respond to a spouse’s request for a divorce. This includes either making long-overdue changes to save the marriage, if it can be saved, or taking steps to protect one's legal rights in the event that divorce becomes necessary.

Joining in at the 37:00-minute mark, Firm President Rich Harris lends his insight as a family law attorney who’s been practicing law in Colorado since 1993 to discuss the steps spouses can take when they’ve decided that the time for a real separation has come.

As Mr. Harris tells Dr. Bobby, it’s wise for people preparing for divorce to surround themselves with a trusted support network. This includes a professional therapist, a friend or family member to talk with, and an experienced attorney. He shares how lawyers help clients prepare for divorce, navigate the process, and explore their options for reaching agreements through mediation and out-of-court negotiations, and provides some tips to help consumers find the right attorney.

You can listen to the full “Growing Self” podcast featuring Rich Harris here.

Rich Harris is Founder and Managing Partner of The Harris Law Firm. A respected family law attorney, he regularly shares his insights and experience as a legal writer, lecturer, and host of our firm’s weekly Webinar Wednesday series, which Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby has appeared on as a guest speaker on several occasions.

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