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Rich Harris Interviewed by Law Week Colorado on AI in Family Law


The Harris Law Firm Managing Partner Rich Harris was recently interviewed by Law Week Colorado for an article discussing the use of Artificial Intelligence in family law.

The article, which was published by Law Week Colorado last week, comes after a cutting-edge presentation as part of our Webinar Wednesday series focusing on the use of AI in family law. The webinar featured a discussion about AI’s use in various aspects of family law cases and how The Harris Law Firm is already leveraging certain technologies to improve our handling of clients’ cases: “We’ve been using AI at some level for things like document management, legal billing, legal research — all of those tools have some form of rudimentary AI. We’re using that routinely. … But what is changing now is the machine learning part of it, where these are much, much more powerful tools.” – Rich Harris, Managing Partner.

The firm is exploring these more advanced AI tools, but won’t be implementing them in our day-to-day practice until we are sure they are safe and effective and our team is appropriately trained to use them. While there certainly appears to be benefits associated with using AI in family law, there remains a fine balance between using advanced technology and protecting clients while keeping honor in the profession of being a lawyer.

With regards to the future of AI in the legal field generally, including its use in problem-solving, Rich Harris told Law Week Colorado:

“I anticipate what’s [going to] happen is we describe a legal problem in a legal resource tool and it helps us find possible additional solutions, other cases we hadn’t thought about [and] additional arguments we haven’t considered.”

There are exciting possibilities when it comes to the use of AI in law, and family law in particular, including the ability to create additional efficiencies that save clients time, money, and frustration. These efficiencies in turn, can help lawyers provide more one-on-one time with clients and have more time to analyze complex problems.

“I predict it’s going to be very, very useful for family law,” Mr. Harris told Law Week Colorado. “I can already see how it can really help.”

You can read the full article featuring Mr. Harris’ interview here.

As Managing Partner at The Harris Law Firm, Rich Harris has helped grow our firm into one of Colorado’s largest family law practices. He is a widely respected advocate who has been recognized in prestigious publications such as the Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers and is a well-known legal writer and speaker and co-author of the Colorado Family Law Deskbook. Mr. Harris also hosts our firm’s weekly Webinar Wednesday series, where he discusses important topics related to family law and issues important to the people we serve.

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