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School Days and Your Parenting Plan


As the new school year is starting, it may be time to review your Parenting Plan. Some Plans call for variations in the weekly schedule, vacations, holidays, and for exchanges. Also, if you have Joint Decision Making Authority / Responsibility, make sure that you have both agreed to the initial school enrollment or a change in school enrollment for your children. In addition, consider the programs, activities, accommodations, and assessments that your children need and ensure that all decisions are made jointly, if you share Joint Decision Making.

If one party is making unilateral decisions, the Colorado Rules grant the Court equitable powers to enjoin, or stop, a person from making such decisions. Best practice is to consult your Parenting Plan, make sure you are having open and frequent communication with your co-parent, and make joint decisions that are best for your children.

If you feel that you need assistance in ensuring all major decisions concerning your children are made jointly, please contact The Harris Law Firm for a consultation to review your Parenting Plan, discuss communication tools, and offer professional advice. You can also give us a call at (303) 622-5502 to set up a meeting with one of our Colorado family law attorneys. The Harris Law Firm has been assisting families with compassion and dedication since 1993.

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