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Celebrating 30 Years of Service to Families Across Colorado

Working With the Self-Represented Resource Center™


Angela Arkin By: Angela Arkin, Director of the LawYourWay℠™

I am the Director of The Harris Law Firm’s LawYourWay℠™ (SRRC). We created the SRRC to provide unbundled legal services to individuals who are considering handling their legal matters without hiring an attorney. This new legal clinic allows those with family law issues to access high level divorce and family law advice while still representing themselves. Sort of a “doc in a box” (urgent care clinic) for pro se parties.

When I was on the bench as judge, I encountered a large number of self-represented litigants who were choosing to go without representation, for whatever reason.

When I retired, I worked with Rich Harris at The Harris Law Firm to develop the SRRC. The SRRC provides legal information and advice, but we don’t enter an appearance, we don’t prepare or file documents (we do assist self-represented clients with State forms), and there is no ongoing relationship with the pro se party. We offer what we consider to be reasonable rates, and the self-represented client pays as he/she goes: there is no retainer. This allows each litigant to manage his/her own legal fees and costs, and get as much legal help as he/she needs to resolve the matter in the best possible way.

The scope of Unbundled Services available to self-represented parties at the SRRC includes:

  • Providing a consultation & advice regarding a Dissolution of Marriage/Parental Responsibilities matter;
  • Reviewing and commenting on documents not prepared by the SRRC;
  • Helping prepare for Child and Family Investigator/Parental Responsibility Evaluator (CFI/PRE) interview;
  • Assistance with forms for filings with the court and service of process;
  • Assistance with calculation of child support and maintenance;
  • Assistance with preparation of disclosures and discovery responses;
  • Coaching and helping to prepare for a hearing.

I am excited about and am enjoying this new opportunity to be of service to self-represented parties with Colorado family law matters. If you know of someone who needs this kind of help, or if you know a pro se party who needs a referral, please think of the SRRC.

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