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Celebrating 30 Years of Service to Families Across Colorado

Family Court or No Family Court, That is the Question for Military Spouses


In the course of an action in Colorado to dissolve a marriage, apportion parental rights, or establish paternity, child support can be ordered.  In addition, in an action to dissolve a marriage spousal maintenance or spousal support (what was once known as alimony) can also be ordered.  In any case in which child support payments or child and spousal support payments are owed by a member of one of the uniformed services, such member can be required under federal law to make allotments from his or her pay and allowances as payment of such support when he has failed to make periodic payments under a support order and if  the resulting delinquency in such payments is in a total amount equal to the support payable for two months or longer. 

The Secretary of Defense, in the case of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, and the Secretary concerned in the case of each of the other uniformed services, are required to issue regulations applicable to allotments of support and to designate officials within each branch of the service to notice of failure to make support payments should be given.  We can assist members of the military and spouses of service members in obtaining support orders and ensuring that proper notice thereof if given in a manner that is consistent with military rules and regulations.

42 U.S.C. § 665

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