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Beth Wilkins Recognized for Being the First Recipient of the Pro Bono Paralegal of the Year Award


The Harris Law Firm is proud to announce that Beth Wilkins was recently recognized by the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association for being the first paralegal to receive the pro bono paralegal of the year award!

Beth continues to consistently volunteer her time to support the RMPA, and recently assisted with the organization’s half day educational summit at the Warwick Hotel on May 13, 2016. She also coordinates continuing legal education credits for the RMPA’s Family Law Section.

Beth Wilkins is a paralegal and has been a valued member of the professional staff at The Harris Law Firm since 2008. She has been an active member and volunteer with the RMPA since 1992.

The Harris Law Firm would like to thank Beth for volunteering her time and expertise to support this valuable organization!

The Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association (“RMPA”)

The Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association (“RMPA”) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1973. The focus of the organization is to serve as a voice to promote the paralegal profession throughout the states of Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado.

RMPA members serve our regional legal communities by volunteering their time, effort, energy and expertise to a various pro bono endeavors. They are engaged in various seminars as speakers, teachers in programs for paralegals, and they serve on various executive of various organizations and corporations.

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