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Tips for Parents to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween


Taking your children trick or treating for Halloween has been a fall tradition for generations, and safety has always been a top concern – at least for parents. Making sure that your child has the chance to have a night of fun and candy is important, but it can’t come at the cost of their safety. We’ve put together some tips to keep everyone safe on their night of costumed fun.

  • Make sure to cross the road at street corners, at crosswalks, and at other safer places. Oncoming cars are more likely to be prepared for pedestrians at these locations, and far less likely to be prepared if you dart across the middle of a street between the corners.
  • Make sure to look left and right before making any crossing.
  • Eyes up at all times, not down at a phone or in the candy bag. Keeping your head up will help make sure you and your kids know what’s going on around them.
  • Make sure to keep to the sidewalk or walking paths as much as possible. If there isn’t one available, walk facing traffic as close to the side of the road as possible.
  • Explain to your kids how important it is to not run out across the street without warning, and to avoid jumping out from between parked cars when crossing the road.

Even if you aren’t going out as a chaperone, you may still find some reason to get in your car to run some errands, to pick up tired trick or treaters, etc. If you do end up driving, it’s incredibly important to remain aware of potential unexpected foot traffic and extra people out and about.

  • Drive extra slow, especially in residential areas. You never know when someone will dart across the road without warning.
  • Take extra time at crosswalks, stop signs, roundabouts, etc. There are likely more people around trying to cross the street, and there’s a good chance they’ll ignore signs and run out across the road.
  • Take extra care when entering or exiting a driveway.
  • It’s always dangerous to take your eyes off the road, but it can be even more so on nights like Halloween.

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