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What Impact Could Quarantine Have On My Relationship With My Spouse?


As we are all becoming more aware every day, self-isolation, financial stress, and the fear of contracting a serious illness have been foisted on our communities as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The unfortunate reality is, this health crisis may harm your relationship with your spouse. As reported by Newsweek, the unique stressors caused by quarantine could have negative psychological effects and in some cases, like in several districts of Xi’an, the capital of Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, an unprecedented number of divorces are being filed as a result of quarantine.

Being confined to a small space with your spouse for an extended period could cause marital strife stemming from boredom, frustration, fear, lack of resources, or confusion. This situation is particularly difficult for couples who struggle with communicating, negotiating and expressing their appreciation for one another.

When coping with the psychological hardships created by quarantine, couples who express their worries to one another, and recognize the normalcy of doing so, will thrive. Those who maintain healthy habits, educate themselves about the virus, and take preventative measures will lessen the toll that this outbreak will take on their relationship. However, being quarantined as a result of a global health crisis can exacerbate existing negative dynamics and lead to the breakdown of relationships.

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