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Betty Ford Center: There is a Program for Children of Parents Suffering From Substance Abuse.


Updated 2/5/2024

When a person has a substance abuse issue the entire family, including children, can suffer. Luckily, families that experience substance abuse have a resource that they can use for their children at the Hazelden Betty Ford Children’s Program here in Greenwood Village, Colorado. This program focuses on education, care, and support for children, ages 7-12, who have been affected by substance abuse. It provides an option of virtual support, allowing treatment to children across the country at no cost. According to the program, the biggest lesson the children learn from the experience is that the drug and/or alcohol addiction is not their fault. Further, it mixes a curriculum of play, education, and guidance to teach the child self-coping mechanisms to deal with this awful disease. In addition to treatment, it allows access to an entire online social community to offer support. This incredible program allows the child to be a kid again and teaches them that they are not alone.

The attorneys here at The Harris Law Firm suggest that families afflicted by substance abuse should explore the Hazelden Betty Ford Children’s Program. Further, if you have additional questions about sobriety and/ or other concerns surrounding substance abuse, please contact us for assistance.

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