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What Do I Do With My Change of Vehicle Title or Quit Claim Deed?


When your divorce is finalized, we always divide the vehicles and homes between the parties involved, and include language regarding any necessary change of title. You should have access to your vehicle title, and have it signed by the other party. Once you do this, you should visit your county DMV to update the registration. Don’t forget to update your vehicle insurance while you’re there.

If you were required to refinance or assume a home mortgage, your lender will usually assist you in signing off on a Quit Claim Deeds, and then recording it with the County Clerk and Recorder – where the property is located. If you did not need to change a mortgage and only need a Quit Claim Deed, we can assist you in preparing these or help you find an acceptable one. Then, visit your County Clerk and Recorder’s website – where the property is located – for instructions and costs to record this updated information.

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