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Is It Really a Problem?


One of the common problems we face in family law cases is the extreme polarization between the parties. Trust disappears, and everything the other parent does with the children is suspect. That distrust can then cloud the view of the other parent’s extended family.

So, the question is whether the situation or the activity is really a problem? For example, the father wants to take his three and five year old children to his parent’s farm near Sterling to ride ATVs. If the parents are getting along, then they’d be happy because the kids would be having fun. If the parents aren’t getting along, then there will be visions of them jumping ditches at 60 mph with the little kids sitting on the back of the seat, flying out as the ATV had nothing but air under its wheels.

It’s a good practice in family law to put a filter on these claims and counsel the client to be cautious about filing to restrict, or alleging endangerment, for when it’s really necessary. Sometimes, just a simple phone call, or a reality check, is a much better thing that a court filing.

Our Denver family law attorneys at The Harris Law Firm understand just how stressful these situations can be, and have the experience and knowledge required to handle any complications or arguments that may arise. Call us today at (303) 622-5502 to speak with one of our family law lawyers, or fill out the form on our website to tell us more about your case.

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