The Growing Need for Non-Traditional Family Law

As the scope of what constitutes “family” broadens, so does the need for law that addresses the needs of non-traditional families. With the advent of new assisted reproductive technologies, children can be born to couples where only one is a biological parent. In other cases, children can be born to unmarried parents who are no less committed to each other and to raising their child. These situations often create the need to clarify legal relationships, especially as children may legally “belong” to only one of these parents.

Meanwhile, recent developments in adoption law have made it easier for people to officially adopt their adult relatives in “kinship” adoptions, while other families may choose to adopt stepchildren. Another landmark change in marriage law arrived with the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriages. In each of these cases, the emotional needs and desires of the family are identical to any “traditional” marriage—however, the legal needs are far different.

Our Family Law Attorneys Meet Diverse Needs

Because state law has yet to speak definitively on many of these situations, couples must determine how to proceed with forming a non-traditional family through the courts. Without the presence of specific laws, family law attorneys are more crucial than ever. The Harris Law Firm is proud to represent clients from families that do not fit any particular mold, recognizing that their needs require skilled and experienced representation.

One of our values at The Harris Law Firm is developing a culture of diversity—as families continue to take on new and varied forms, we are eager to help families navigate the specific legal questions that come up in their lives.

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Our services include:

  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities
  • Donor insemination contracts
  • Surrogacy contracts
  • Parenting plans
  • Dissolution mediation for same-sex partners

Ready To Take Legal Action? Our firm routinely handles complex, unusual cases. We handle these cases with clarity and confidence because our family lawyers have 250 years of combined experience in Colorado family law.

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